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Muse invites you to live an artistic experience in echo with its architecture. Explore each level of Muse at different times of the day and discover all the different facets of each artwork. Feel free to experience the creative energy of Muse.

Polyèdre bleu

Julio Le Parc
Polyèdre bleu
Ground floor - La coupole des créateurs
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French by adoption, Julio Le Parc was born in Argentina and is famous for his commitment as an artist and for being one of the masters of kinetic art. The artist prefers to say that he constantly experiences and works with movement, light, color and volume. As for the purpose of his research, he says: "In general, through my experiments, I want to provoke a different behavior from the spectator and I seek means to combat passivity ".

Indeed, the spectacular mobile, designed specifically for Muse, calls for movement.

The artwork is never still. Through a light air breeze, the thousands of blue plexiglas squares move by a graceful movement. It captures the light and sparkles with a thousand reflections changing according the time of day. The different points of views offer as many possibilities to interact freely with the artwork as it can be. Julio Le Parc wants to eliminate the intermediaries between the artwork and the public : you have to look at it from different angles and play with it! One of the dearest wishes of the artist is that you let yourself be surprised by the plural aspects of his work!
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